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The MTV’s VMA’s aren’t the only place where Miley Cyrus is interested in twerking these days. Cyrus seems eager to twerk anywhere with anyone, and she’s not afraid to sing about it! In fact she did just that alongside Justin Bieber and Lil Twist in the new song  “Twerk”.


Image Credits: Hollywood Life

Lil Twist is known to be a good friend of Bieber’s. The song was recorded last July with Bieber and Cyrus guest singing on the track. It will be appearing on Lil Twist’s upcoming album. Many speculate that Lil Twist may have been the one to leak the song in order to capitalize on Miley’s scandalous VMA performance.


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The song itself is nothing special. Miley sings the chorus about coming to a party to twerk (because in all honesty I’d be surprised of Miley did anything else at a party…or anything else at all as it seems that all she does anymore is twerk…). Bieber and Lil Twist alternate on the other verses where they state their appreciation for Miley’s twerking. The song itself is very amateur and unmemorable. Miley is the only chance the song has at succeeding as her chorus “I came to this party time to twerk” has a mild chance of catching on in mainstream pop culture. However, the song seems to already have gotten rather negative reviews as many find it to practically mock Miley’s recent VMA performance. 


Image Credits: TMZ 

Listen to the song in the lyric video below. What do you think of it? I wonder if a music video will be released for the song soon. If so, this could help to explain why Cyrus was seen flirting with Bieber at a nightclub recently. 

Video Credits: Justin Bieber’s YouTube page